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Travel for Health, Wealth and Sanity

Travel is not only one of my favorite hobbies, but it’s one of my favorite health practices too.  There’s something about going to a new place that invokes the imagination, physical strength and mental agility.  Getting lost discovering the “newness” and unknown in an unfamiliar locale really boosts self assurance.  And that’s how travel keeps us healthy, wealthy and sane. First stop: Health. Traveling by plane, train or automobile, we are exposed to several different physical feats.  (And germs, but more on that later.)  Packing the suitcases, loading the car and dredging through the airport all count as cardio in my...

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Irritated Skin or is it Your Skincare?

I used to have red, irritated skin all year round.  It didn’t necessarily hurt, but it embarrassed me and I couldn’t find foundation to cover it because they don’t make a color called ‘Constant Blush’ in any line I’ve seen.  I also thought it was oily and was used skincare products from the drugstore to “control my oil”. Now I know I was doing it all wrong. During my very first week of esthetics school, I learned that the skincare products I was using were way, way, way too harsh for my skin.  Why?  Because I have dry and sensitive...

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The Power of Red, White and Blue

The Power of Red, White and Blue Still high on the 4th of July firework fumes, I thought it would be good to share the power of the ole red, white and blue with you.  Color plays such a vital role in our daily lives and as Americans, it’s good to know what kind of energies red, white and blue bring to the table.  Really, we can explore what they bring to your table, your living room, your office or any area since we are talking about color in regards to feng shui. Feng shui is the art of...

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Home for the (4th of July) Holiday: Arrange Your Furniture for Entertaining

It’s been raining cats and dogs here in St. Louis, MO for the past (what feels like forever but is really 4-5 days).  And today is the 4th of July.  That is why I’m home for the 4th of July holiday. Happy Independence Day! Although the rain may clear up later, it is going to be cloudy, humid and muggy.  Not exactly the weather we had planned for the pool party at my parents’.  So, it looks like we will be BBQing and entertaining here, and having a few family and friends over. Normally, I would be really worried...

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Top 5 American Made Beauty Products

American Beauty Every summer when stores all start displaying red, white and blue swag, decor and merchandise, I get nostalgic and think about some of my favorite Fourth of July parties.  Memories of BBQ, fireworks and friends dance through my mind. Then, I almost always remember what I was wearing, from my dress to my lipstick. There is something about a holiday weekend that calls for a certain dress code, or fashion.  Around Fourth of July, we obviously reach for our red, white and blue attire.  The funny thing is, a lot of our clothes are not actually made in...

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A Little About Me

SheSerum was started by Shannon Hagerty. Shannon lives in St. Louis, Missouri and works as a beauty aesthetics instructor, professional makeup artist and feng shui consultant. Her motto is “beauty as truth,” and her goal is to share information that enriches and empowers the lives of other women. Read More... Photo of Shannon Hagerty

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