Author: Shannon Hagerty

Gotta Start Somewhere…

“So, how long have you been doing this?” is my favorite question asked of my makeup clients.  I love it because I could say I’ve been doing it since I was 5 years old or, give them the professional answer – it’s been over 10 years since I’ve started doing makeup professionally.  Since I’m ‘Professional Shannon’ when on a paying job, my clients learn that I’ve been doing makeup professionally since 2005. Strangely, I have a completely different answer for myself.  I’ve only been a makeup artist entrepreneur since 2012.  Your Beauty Ball, my St. Louis based hair and makeup services...

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Self-Motivation and Challenges

Today starts a 31 day challenge for me.  It’s the July Ultimate Blog Challenge. (Insert scary “da da daaaaaaaa” music here.) This will be good for me because I’m obviously just starting a blog.  And I’m having some trouble with self-motivation these days.  It’s summer, I’m six months pregnant and sometimes a nap or shopping for cute baby gear sounds way more fun than writing.  On top of that, doing anything other than what is absolutely necessary every day has become a little daunting. So you may be asking, why would I start a challenge when I’m knocked up...

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Finding Your Feng Shui

So, I like to focus on feng shui here on the At Home tab.  IT just helps me to feel more at peace in my home, so I hope it does the same for you.  If you are wondering how to improve your own feng shui and luck, you’ll need to know your kua number sooner or later.  Find out how to get it below: We all have this thing called a Kua number.  It’s based on your birthday and it correlates to your personal feng shui.  Based on this number, you can decipher your lucky directions.  By facing...

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5 Tips To Make More Money

Whether you are already a true believer or think the whole philosophy of Feng Shui is a hoax, it is worth the time and effort to implement the principles of this ancient Chinese practice to improve the quality of your life. Many people believe creating a Feng Shui home and/or office would be too hard or it’s too complex to learn. This is far from the truth. Simple, gradual changes are all that are needed to begin to reap the benefits of Feng Shui. Taking the time to make decorating and arranging changes one at a time will result...

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What the Feng Shui?

“What the hell is feng shui?” Is what my dad asked me when I told him I was going to go to a conference to learn about the subject. In a nutshell, I didn’t really know. Now, after that conference, I can tell him and everyone I know that feng shui is the Chinese art of placement. It’s based on the idea that the way your home or office is arranged directly affects your health, wealth and happiness. Think about that for a minute: how things are arranged in the places you spend most of your time can directly...

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30 Day Life Makeover

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A Little About Me

SheSerum was started by Shannon Hagerty. Shannon lives in St. Louis, Missouri and works as a beauty aesthetics instructor, professional makeup artist and feng shui consultant. Her motto is “beauty as truth,” and her goal is to share information that enriches and empowers the lives of other women. Read More... Photo of Shannon Hagerty

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