health, diet, food journalYou are what you eat.

What you put in your mouth really does matter. And it matters as much or a little more than exercise. Some personal trainers say it’s a 70/30 split with that 70% focus on diet, 30% on exercise. Yikes. That’s a lot of sugar, fats and proteins to figure out.

Do you ever wish we could go back to toddler-hood when our parents would scream “DON’T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH!” when they caught us with a crayon or paperclip in our mouths – except now they would yell as we were about to indulge in sweets or fried foods instead? I sure do.

Fake it till you make it.

Since we aren’t toddlers with mature adults watching over us all the time (not counting work), let’s try this: Name your ultimate crush, Hollywood or otherwise. (I have a major crush on the man in the Paco Rabanne Invictus cologne ads right now.)

For one whole week, every time you eat, pretend you are eating in front of said crush. Or, simply employ a scary drill sergeant inside your head to yell at you every time you are about to eat something stupid. I prefer pleasure over pain, so I’m going to play pretend with the cologne man.

Disclaimer: I still totally have a crush on my husband. He’s just seen me at my worst and I know he still loves me through it. And, in my imaginary world, I’m assuming this model would be grossed out seeing me eat a Twinkie in two bites. My husband would probably dare me to do it again.

Live it. Write it. Read it.

On this week-long journey, let’s keep a simple log. If you’re super organized and efficient, use the notepad you have tucked neatly inside your tote. I am going to use my Nicole Miller leopard planner and write out each day in the day pages of the calendar. Let’s keep it simple.

For seven days, keep a two column list and write down what you eat and what you refused. This will help you see the calories saved at the end of the week. Here’s an example:


Since I’ve already mentioned I prefer pleasure over pain, go through the list of things you refused or denied this week. On the 8th day (yes you have to finish all 7 days), take one of the guilty pleasures you denied this week and treat yourself to it.

I’ll cheers you with my Milky Way on Day 8. Good luck!

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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