“Jeepers creepers, look at those peepers!” is exactly what I’ve said to a few friends who had these fancy eyelash extensions.  So, naturally, I finally buckled and got some of my own wispy lengths added to my otherwise mediocre eyelashes.  Here’s what I have to say about eyelash extensions: the good, bad and wonky.

Eyelash Resistance

First, I will tell you my long journey of resistance to lash extensions starting in 2012.  Back then, I was attending esthetics school as a student.  I was joyfully learning how to do European facials, peels, waxing and massage.  It was fun.  I was fulfilled.  Then, we had a vendor come in and offer lash extension classes for a measly $1,200. I was jolted at the thought of there being more to the esthetics world outside of what I was already paying tuition for – and that it cost that much.  Now, I’m grateful it was a little too much for me to afford at that time.  Here’s why:

The girls from my class who could afford it, coughed up $1,200 and a full weekend of their time to learn how to apply eyelash extensions.  Their testimonies on the following Monday morning were frightful.  Like, scary enough to keep me away from lashes for the next five years.  They spoke of hand pain, back pain and eye strain.  It sounded awful.  They were hunched over clients for a full day of class while they were learning this new trade.  And they hated it.  I believe that only one girl out of five that went still does extensions today.

Fast forward through the next few years, I see some great eyelash extension and some pretty wonky ones too.  By wonky, I mean lashes curling the wrong way like fangs poking in towards the eyeball and unnatural gaps.  Gaps that looked like the Grand Canyon parted through certain lashes.  I found it extremely distracting.  But when they were good, they looked like a million bucks.

Eye Spy

After a couple years teaching at the same esthetics school I graduated from, my confidence in the lash extension industry improved.  I taught some really great students that took training from the top lash extension vendors.  One of the students I trust is named Camille and she works at an upscale spa in one of the nicest parts of St. Louis.  She was offering a special: $100 for a full set.  Her eyelash extension work impressed me on social media.  So I tried her out.  And I honestly loved them.

At first.

After Camille had put them on, my lashes looked full, natural and I didn’t need mascara!  It was the greatest thing ever!  I was ALL ABOUT the lashes. Check ’em out:

Full Set of Natural Lash Extensions

Brand New Eyelash Extensions!

I noticed it was hard for me to shower and wash my face, because you are only supposed to use water on eyelash extensions for cleaning.  I usually just wipe the water out of my eyes after soaking my face in the shower spray, but I had to gently push down on the lashes to squeeze the water out instead of wiping.  I didn’t like that.  It was weird.

Six days later, I had noticed that a few extensions had already fell out.  Camille told me that they would, so I was totally fine with it.  Here’s what the lash extensions looked like six days later:

Lash Extensions

6 Days Later

They were still pretty good that whole first week with only a few gaps.  By the second week, I noticed more gaps in my lashes and it was probably due to my roughness with them.  I got sick of baby-ing my lashes and just wiped them in the shower like normal.  I had a few wonky lashes that liked to stick straight out to the side.  Again, I would blame this on my rough and tough ways with them.

Lash Extensions

7 Days Later / 13 Days After Original Application

Now, as I write this post, I am glad I tried them.  I should have scheduled a refill for today or tomorrow as Camille recommended a fill at three weeks, but I didn’t have the time.  We are leaving for a Hawaiian vacation in three days – weeee!  I will most likely continue to let them fall off and go back to my no-maintenance lashes.  They may be straight and stubby, but they’re mine… and that’s just fine:)

Lash Extensions

5 Days Later / 18 Days After Original Application

In conclusion, I like eyelash extensions.  They are not my “thing”, but they look pretty on other people.  If you haven’t tried them yet, give them a whirl!  My advice is to take care of them and schedule your fill appointment after your first application to ensure your eyelashes remain to look like pretty.

Next post, I will tell you about my Xeomin injections!  If you’re good at spotting injections, you can probably tell when I got them from the pictures in this post.  Comment below if you’re that good;)

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