A lot of people don’t know what feng shui is, much less how to get high from it.  Welcome my very own feng shui high.  I attended another one of Red Lotus Letter‘s Master Consultant Courses in Austin, Texas recently and am still floating on Cloud 9.  Do you ever experience that after attending a conference or seminar?  I LOVE that feeling.


We studied all there is to know about feng shui – plus some.  It was information download, upload and overload – in a good way.  Katie Weber does such a fabulous job with these events.  I would consider it one of the better conferences I’ve been to in my life.  I wanna go back!


You could literally feel the empowerment pumping through your muscles.  It reminded me of Oprah.  You know how her audiences were always enthralled with her topics or cheering her on throughout the show?  That was how this course was.  It was almost all women, just rooting for each other and learning as fast as we could.  The energy was positive and inspiring.

Speaking of energy, we learned about that.  A lot.  In fact, we learned about elements, directions, energy and so much more. All “feng shui stuff”.  And it all was awesome.


The best part about feng shui is that it’s always personal.  You never get a cookie cutter answer on how to solve a problem at your home.  There are certain things everyone should do : avoid clutter, landscape and create a beautiful entry.  But otherwise, no two houses would ever get the same exact feng shui reading.

The Master Consultant Course was personal too.  We not only worked on our own home layout, but we worked on ourselves too.  We talked about confidence and how to run personal businesses.  It was just what the doctor ordered, like a prescription for “life” at that time.


Finally, it was inspiring to learn what we learned and listen to Katie.  At one point, she shared personal details that led her to where she is today and played Katy Perry’s “Roar” video.  I don’t know if it was the excellent sound system and AV team, the story Katie had just shared or the fellow attendees in the room, but I got chills and tears welled up in my eyes.

Coincidentally, my 10 month old daughter Lucy had just learned how to answer “what does the tiger say?” and reply with a raspy little “roar”.  She was the first thing I thought of when the chorus played.  Since this conference was the first thing that I really did for myself since having her, I felt pride inside.  I was proud of myself for letting myself leave her and proud of her just for being her 10 month old self.  It was hard to leave her for several hours each day, but it was so fulfilling too.  That video was so timely for so many reasons.  And even though I had seen the video before, it took on a new meaning that day and every day since.

I’m not sure what inspired Katy Perry to write this song, but I do know how Katie Weber applied it made sense to me.  It’s a lot like how feng shui didn’t make sense to me until I jumped in and got a reading on my own home.  If you’re trying to understand something in life that’s just not clicking, just jump in.  Get out there and do what you have to do to experience or learn about your puzzlement.  You might have to ask some questions.  You might have to ask a lot of questions.  And you just might have to roar to get the answers.

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