It’s been raining cats and dogs here in St. Louis, MO for the past (what feels like forever but is really 4-5 days).  And today is the 4th of July.  That is why I’m home for the 4th of July holiday.

Happy Independence Day!home furniture arrangement

Although the rain may clear up later, it is going to be cloudy, humid and muggy.  Not exactly the weather we had planned for the pool party at my parents’.  So, it looks like we will be BBQing and entertaining here, and having a few family and friends over.

Normally, I would be really worried about the menu and what we were serving, but since people are coming over and we’ve had some lazy days here, I have some major cleaning up to do.  Luckily, once everything is picked up, it will be ok for other humans to enter my home.  Here’s why:

I have my furniture arranged to be people-focused for when these entertaining opportunities pop up out of the blue.  That is, my couches are facing each other, there’s plenty of space to get to the available seating and there isn’t clutter or decor in the way.

Have you ever gone to a person’s home and wondered where to sit?  It’s not that there isn’t couch cushions available, but maybe that the space doesn’t look clean or isn’t easy to get to.  What a conundrum.

In feng shui, as well as general etiquette, it is recommended to clear the clutter and arrange your furniture to be people focused.  So, while you might use your living room as a TV room, really look at it as a comfortable meeting space.  Have your furniture facing each other instead of the TV wall and see what happens next time you have people over.

As I learned at the Red Lotus Master Consultancy Course, the only problem you might have with this furniture arrangement is getting people to leave after entertaining!

To read more about how I got started in feng shui, check out my first feng shui post here.


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