Classic vs. Trendy Makeup

As a professional makeup artist, I’m often asked what I think would look best on my subject. I love when this happens. Depending on the situation, I do something different almost every time.  Both classic and trendy makeup have a place in the world at any given time, so it’s all a matter of opinion and circumstance.

For instance, at a fashion show, I’ll go super-trendy reaching for the Pantone color of the year for the eyes, or the most dramatic cat-eye I can do with the tools I have in my kit. That is, of course, when the clothing and event calls for it.

When I am doing bridal parties, I tend to stay on the classic makeup side. I opt for shades of neutrals on the eyes and a lip color that will show up in pictures but not distract from the main focus – the bride and her marriage.

Real life makeup.

Now, I just said that I am a professional makeup artist, and I do get the luxury of doing some pretty fun jobs. But, I actually hate doing my own makeup. I’m pretty lazy and generally do the same classic look on myself every single day: buff a BB cream into my skin, conceal under my eyes, fill in my brows, sweep blush over my cheeks, maybe put a spattering of one neutral color on my lid, then line with black or brown and finish with black mascara. Apply lipstick or lip balm in car. That’s it. Easy does it.

While I may be lazy, I’ve noticed an influx of DIY-er makeup gurus on social media. So, if you love makeup and putting it on your face, then go all out sister. I advise you to stay on the classic side, but if you’re a punk rock chick, you might need the extreme black liner to complete your look and I would love it.

Spice it up.

Luckily, I do have a lot of cosmetics at my fingertips should I get a whim to try something more daring. For New Year’s Eve, concerts and other fun outings, I do have a little more fun with my makeup. And these are the times I suggest my clients have more fun as well. Go for the trend, the one eyeshadow color you’ve been dying to try or that ultra-bright lipstick you bought months ago but haven’t had the balls to wear out in public yet. Have fun at these events and revel in your beauty. Makeup should be fun, but it should always enhance who you are, not steal the show.

Debate results.

The truth is, I will always opt for a classic makeup look over today’s hottest trend, whether that be uber-contouring or eyeliner in shades of peacock. The reason being, classic makeup tends to bring out the beauty of the girl the most. When I see the latest trend like matte bronzer or foundation 3 shades darker from the skin of the face smeared directly below a girl’s cheekbone, I stare at the makeup – not the girl. And that’s when I lose a little of what that girl is all about.

It’s probably a little bit ADD, but my mind starts going and I think “if she’s got that much contour, she must be going on film or presenting on stage. I wonder if she’s a model. Or a TV anchor…” and the thoughts keep going from there.  Before you know it, I’ve made an entire Lifetime Movie up about the character in front of me.

Simply put, makeup can be distracting, so choose wisely and make sure you are still shining through. When in doubt, keep it classic.

Oh, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Contact me for a phone makeup consultation and we’ll talk about your makeup style.  You can also check out my makeup website at

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” –Audrey Hepburn

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