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Whew!  It’s almost been six months since I became a mom.  And let me tell you – I’m tired as a mother.  Motherhood has been so extremely exciting. And challenging. And surprisingly emotional. Or hormonal. I still can’t tell the difference.

My daughter Lucy is my whole world. I so easily got wrapped up in that adorable little world, completely ignoring this blog of mine.

I think I have been so scared to miss a milestone or her sweet little smile, that taking time away from her has been hard.  I still teach esthetics one day a week and started a network marketing business that I’m still figuring out.  But, to sit at my computer in my own home and write this blog has been difficult.

The reason it’s so difficult?  I only have to answer to myself for SheSerum.  I’m not great at setting boundaries for myself.  I tend to focus on my family and anyone else who “needs” me while completely ignoring myself.  When I do take time to myself, I’m a much better person. Is that true for anyone else out there? Or am I being selfish?

I recently stumbled upon an article that Arianna Huffington posted to LinkedIn today named, “How to Banish Mediocrity From Your Life”. It’s a must read! The two pieces of advice that stuck with me the most are, “Remove anything and everything from your life that contradicts your highest values” and “Take one step in the right direction. Then do it again. Productivity and success are not complicated. Success is taking 20 steps in one direction rather than one step in 20 directions.”

After reading that article, I decided I need to get back to my best me.  While I may have added a very prestigious job title to my resume (New Mom), I don’t have to settle for the mundane.  You know, that vision that pops in our heads when we hear “stay at home mom”: food-stained sweatpants, messy ponytail, vacuum in one hand with the baby in the other. I’m choosing today to start rocking at this life, even with that damn vacuum in my hand.

Being my best includes being the best makeup artist, the best esthetics instructor, the best blogger – and most importantly the best mom and wife I can be.  I’m looking forward to getting back to my best and challenge you to do the same.

To any new moms out there, I challenge you to love your children first, but then: find your drive, your “why” or just re-find yourself. It’s something I think I’ll be working on for the next eighteen years or so. Best wishes!



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