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Still high on the 4th of July firework fumes, I thought it would be good to share the power of the ole red, white and blue with you.  Color plays such a vital role in our daily lives and as Americans, it’s good to know what kind of energies red, white and blue bring to the table.  Really, we can explore what they bring to your table, your living room, your office or any area since we are talking about color in regards to feng shui.

Feng shui is the art of placement that directly affects your health, wealth and happiness.  Simply stated, how you arrange your home and the places you spend most can affect you negatively or positively.  Color plays directly into that when you know what kind of energy these colors hold.

Red, White and Blue. We love you.

Red is a power and passion color, as we all know.  It’s the color of roses, firetrucks, blood, a certain political party and so much more.  But what does it do in the home? Classical feng shui says red relates to fire and the number 9.  It’s direction is South and this sector represents your fame, social status and reputation.  If you’re feeling a little underappreciated at work, you might want to activate this sector of your home or office with something red.  It could be a vase, a picture frame or other artwork.  Shoot, why not add a firetruck or some roses like mentioned above?

White represents cleanliness and purity, or in feng shui: metal.  The directions it falls into are west or number 7 and northwest, number 6.  The west represents children and creativity while the northwest represents the man of the house, helpful people and travel.  Although metal is great for these directions, metal is enhanced or charged by earth energies.  To enhance any of those areas of your life, you can add earth energies like stones, gems or something with a yellow tone to it.  If that’s too difficult, you can just add metal there too.

Blue is my favorite feng shui color.  It represents water, wealth, the north and opportunities.  It’s always nice to have a good, clean source of water here like a fountain.  Metal enhances water’s energy, so a fountain that includes metal would be great here as well.  If you introduce a new water source here, or realize that you have some murky water settled in this area, watch out.  You’ll see positive financial changes with a new fountain, but probably some not-so-favorable finances with yucky water.

With all of that information, feng shui can be somewhat confusing.

But, if you’re just starting to learn about these things, knowing the colors and energies will certainly help you.  The best way to figure out what you need is to get a feng shui consultation.  Or, if you prefer to learn things for yourself, attend a workshop like the Master Consultancy Course in Las Vegas this year.  That’s where I learned a lot of my knowledge!

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