Today starts a 31 day challenge for me.  It’s the July Ultimate Blog Challenge.

(Insert scary “da da daaaaaaaa” music here.)personal development

This will be good for me because I’m obviously just starting a blog.  And I’m having some trouble with self-motivation these days.  It’s summer, I’m six months pregnant and sometimes a nap or shopping for cute baby gear sounds way more fun than writing.  On top of that, doing anything other than what is absolutely necessary every day has become a little daunting.

So you may be asking, why would I start a challenge when I’m knocked up and exhausted?  Simple.  Everything else I’m doing is preparing for another tiny human, which makes me so happy I could scream.  But, I need something just for me – a sense of accomplishment, an escape and to gain knowledge through experience.

Most honestly, I need the accountability. 

While self-motivation is the best motivation, I find that I still have to look to outside resources to get creative tips and ideas on how to get motivated and think positively sometimes – especially in relation to this website.  Enter the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

I’m looking forward to writing one new blog post every day for the next 31 days while following a couple other rules.  The reward?  A sense of accomplishment I haven’t had since I peed on a little white stick earlier this year.

It seems like a simple, straightforward goal.  But, if you had a video camera on me for the past 30 days, you would know I’ve been avoiding my computer like the Black Plague, essentially avoiding the writing assignments I’ve given myself.  Recalling my sales career, I knew I needed a goal in sight and that goal-setting needed to be SMART:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Realistic

T – Timely

In sales, I thought this acronym was awful because I was sure the A stood for all the A-holes I had to deal with because my sales targets were rarely Achievable.   Turns out, it’s is a great little pneumonic device to set personal achievement goals and get self-motivated.  I owe my previous careers a thank you note.

I’ll be back here tomorrow to write another blog.  If you’re looking for a little motivation (and you’re not a blogger), go try my 30 Day Life Makeover.  It’s free and these tips will help perk up  your life with simple beauty to health, home and mindset tricks and ideas.

Now, I challenge you.  (muahahahhahaaaa)
Good luck!


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