summer love beautySweaty.  That’s how I feel when I walk outside these days.  That can only mean one thing – it’s summer.  Now that we’ve established that, we have to figure out how to look our best in this ridiculous heat.  Below are my Top 20 Beauty Products for Summer.

1. BB Cream or CC Cream with SPF

These days are not the days for layered, cakey foundation.  They’re just not meant for it.  Plus, your pores will hate it.  Find a lightweight BB or CC Cream that includes SPF and you can kill like 3-4 birds with one stone: you get a little face serum, coverage, moisture and SPF.  Easy breezy.

2. Waterproof Mascara

The pool, your sweat and anything else that has water in it should not interfere with your eye makeup.  Just make it easier on yourself and stick wtih a good waterproof mascara in the summer.

3. Lip Balm

A colored lip balm that keeps your lips hydrated will aid dry lips and keep you looking alive.  Both are good reasons to wear a pretty shade of pink on your pucker in the summer.  Keep this balm handy at all times.

4. Longwear Concealer

Along with a good BB or CC Cream, I think any face can use a sturdy, all-day-wear concealer.  This is good for those dark undereye circles and any imperfections we need to fix.  The longwear formulas will stick with you throughout the day and help with the concealer trick I talk about on Day 4 of my 30 Day Life Makeover.

5. Highlighting Blush

A shimmery blush looks great on everyone in summer.  It adds to the glow we are supposed to have from playing in the sun and staying super hydrated (which is usually not the case).  A light pink shimmer blush in a baked formula will go on smooth and provide just enough glow to brighten up any summer face.

6. Bronzer

Because we know that the sun’s UV radiation isn’t great for us, but we still want to have that sunkissed look.  Just be sure to find one that works with your skin tone (i.e. the fairer you are, the lighter your bronzer should be).

7. Eyebrow Pencil

Our hair tends to lighten in the sun.  Your eyebrows can lighten too.  Therefore, we need eyebrow pencils, shadow or gels.  Get one that works for you.  I still love MAC Eyebrows and have a hard time replacing them with any of the other products I’ve tried.

8. Salt or Sugar Spray for Hair

Wavy hair, don’t care.  That’s the hair dress code for summer and it usually looks great.  You can pretend you’re a California surfer girl without having to brave the ocean or learn how to surf.  If you have drier hair, you’ll benefit from a sugar spray instead of salt spray during summer.

9. Deep Conditioner

In case you are one of those beautiful California surfer girls, or make a few trips to the chlorinated swimming pool this summer, a deep conditioner will be your BFF when you get home and take a shower.  It’s good to have a deep conditioning masque in your shower at all times for emergencies like pool-hair.

10. Humidity Control Hairspray

This one almost makes you say, “duh!” if you live in the Midwest like me.  But, it wasn’t always a moment of clarity.  Thanks to new technology, high-end and drugstore brands alike have all come out with humidity control hairspray. Get one of your own today.  Your tamed frizz will thank you.

And that concludes my Top 10 Beauty Products for Summer.  Comment below with your favorite summer beauty products!

shannon hagerty


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