When it comes to energy, you only want the best for your home and your family.  Below, I’m giving you 10 easy ways to improve your home’s chi.

Chi = good energy.  Good energy = happy family.  

Go through the list below and count how many ways you could improve your home’s chi today!

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Chi

1. Declutter: Clear the clutter and your good energy will flow.organize, declutter

2. Organize: Closets, drawers and entire rooms can all use organizing.  Organizing your home will help keep your life in line and organized as well.

3. Add Water: A strategically placed fountain can help improve your wealth chi. The reason I really like it? It’s calming and I love the constant movement.  My fountain is located in my home office for this reason.

4. Landscaping: Believe it or not, the outside of your house is just as important as the inside. Keep your lawn and landscaping neat and clean.


5. Move Furniture: Have you ever gotten that sudden urge to rearrange your furniture? There’s probably a reason for it.  Next time you get the hunch, make sure all the furniture is arranged to encourage conversation among your guests.
6. Change out Pictures: Along the same lines as rearranging furniture, it’s great to switch out pictures too.  Updateold picture old family photos with newer ones. If there’s art that reminds you of something from your younger days, update to artwork that makes you think of the future.


7. Improve Your Entryway: Energy has to come in the front door, just like your guests. Welcome chi with a clean door, nicely groomed walkways and maybe some planters or a fountain.


8. Add a Mirror in Your Dining Room: Your dining room is where you should eat.  When you eat in the dining room, you are sharing your bounty with family, friends and guests.  By adding a mirror here, you are doubling your bounty. It’s a representation, but it makes sense, right?
9. Know Your Shapes: Circles represent water, infiniti and so much more. Squares and rectangles represent wood and stability.  Triangles and points represent fire, which can be good sometimes, but you want to keep to pointy objects to a minimum in the home.

10. Call a Feng Shui Consultant: When your home feels stale, it’s time to hire a pro.  Contact me for a phone consultation or look up a local feng shui consultant near you for the best results. feng shui consultants help everyone from major hotel designers to real estate agents. We can help you too.



shannon hagerty

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