feng shui, fortuneWhat the hell is feng shui?” Is what my dad asked me when I told him I was going to go to a conference to learn about the subject. In a nutshell, I didn’t really know. Now, after that conference, I can tell him and everyone I know that feng shui is the Chinese art of placement. It’s based on the idea that the way your home or office is arranged directly affects your health, wealth and happiness.

Think about that for a minute: how things are arranged in the places you spend most of your time can directly affect your mood, health and wealth. Sounds a little crazy, right? But – I bet you’ve had at least one time in your life where you’ve gone absolutely nuts cleaning or rearranging a room in your home because you just couldn’t stand it anymore. Then, when you were finished you felt so much better. And maybe even found something that had gone missing for a while. Right?

Well, if you’ve signed up for my 30 Day Life Makeover, you already know that cleaning and decluttering is key to getting the chi moving throughout your home – but , it turns out feng shui is a little more than that…

Feng shui made me money, honey.

Two separate times in my life, I experienced crazy good outcomes from feng shui consultations. First, when I lived in Las Vegas, I hired a feng shui consultant to get me out of my work rut. I felt stuck at my job and couldn’t figure out where my life was going. The feng shui consultant came over, gave me a list of instructions to update in my space, including covering up my mirrored closet doors and changing my white décor to warmer colors like reds, maroon and purples. It was an interesting change for me – but you’ll never guess what happened next.

Within weeks, I got a $10,000 raise at work by landing a few good contracts with major companies on the Las Vegas strip. Later on that year, I was offered a job in North Carolina for a $20,000 base salary increase and moved there. It was easily one of the best years of my life.

The next year – not so great.

I moved to North Carolina, got settled in, started dating a doofus, then lost my job as the startup company I worked for went under. Turns out, you are supposed to keep up with feng shui annually.

And just like that, I found myself moving home to St. Louis, Missouri to live with mom and dad at 27 years old. Back home, I tried desperately to study feng shui. Unfortunately, there are so many different ways to practice feng shui that I was getting mixed signals from my google results and just couldn’t figure this feng shui thing out on my own.

I got so frustrated that I took a chance and went to the Red Lotus feng shui Master Consultancy Course in 2015. It was life changing – in more ways than feng shui. It cleared everything up and now I understand why nothing on the internet made sense to me.

Whoa baby!

I should mention that shortly before I went to the 2015 Master Consultancy Course, I was recently married, had just moved into a new home then had a miscarriage. Although 2015 was mostly a great year, that last event was devastating. Taking a leap of faith and attending that feng shui conference by myself was just what the doctor ordered at that time. I learned the in-depth techniques of traditional feng shui and suddenly, it all clicked.

Excited as could be, I came home, had my second feng shui consultation from Katie Weber who hosted the conference, made a few changes in my bedroom and….phloof! My husband and I made a baby. I’m in my second trimester as I write this, and could not be happier. Believe it or not, something as simple as moving my bed improved my fertility luck that quickly. I had literally moved my bed and conceived that same week. Stay tuned for Baby H coming Fall 2016 (and send any extra prayers and good vibes you have our way, if you don’t mind.)

This may all sound crazy or cuckoo, but feng shui worked for me. Twice. If there’s something in your life that you want to achieve and haven’t been able to get there, let me know. I’m now a certified feng shui consultant and may be able to help. Whether you’re struggling to find work, love, build a family or heal a relationship, feng shui might be the one thing you haven’t tried that will change your perspective and outcome.

Whether you’ve been into feng shui for a while or this is the first you’ve heard of it and want to know more, I would highly recommend attending the same Master Consultancy Course that I took. Click here to learn more.

“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.” – Margaret Shepard

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